lunes, 7 de agosto de 2017

Character Triangle Remover

Remove Triangles Script

In order to have customizable clothing, I need to be able to hide underlying parts of the base model. I thought of two options. To separate base characters in parts that I can hide, messing up the shading, adding more draw-calls and being constrained by whatever divisions I choose, as I can't constantly re-chop the character ... Or, make a script that can remove parts of the mesh on the fly. Being able to tweak if needed, and having no seams on the mesh messing up the normal map. Which is a little more work, but ultimately more reasonable.

After this I can move on to populating Cartoon Heroes pack with a variety of customizable clothes.

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  1. Wow!! This is a clever way!!! Can't wait to see how it's going on!!

    By the way I bougt Cartoon Heroes pack and playing around with them!! Great work!!!

  2. Are you considering adding this script as a separate package on asset store?

  3. Kjetil Molteberg, of course, I plan to upload it as a free package.

    Right now I'm improving the script. I'm changing the system a bit so you can remove parts more easily.

    Once the script is tried and true, I will upload it for you.

    1. That sounds great!
      By the way, have you looked into the merging mesh and welding vertices at runtime. Though, I would imagine this would mess up the skinning, if at all possible.

    2. I'm sure it's possible, but indeed would be harder to do.

      I did a small attempt to make a script that adds bones to an existing character, with weights based on distance, I think I got the bone working, but the vertex weights didn't behave well. :-\

  4. Josef Senti, THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!! SO MUCH

    I'm working on the Cartoon Heroes pack as we speak. Will re-do all the clothes into "customizable parts", and then, of course keep adding more outfits, it's the final goal.

    Stay tuned! Will keep upgrading as often as I can!